How often should you replace your hearing aids?

Many patients often ask at their hearing aid consultation appointment “How long do they last?”. While there isn’t a straightforward answer, here are some guidelines. Hearing aids are complex devices requiring proper care and maintenance. Technology is general is rapidly changing every few years and along with this is new advancements in hearing aid technology.…

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The Lifespan of a Hearing Aid

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last? One of the most common questions we hear during a hearing aid consultation is “how long will these devices last?” It’s a smart question to ask given the investment that is required for a new pair of hearing aids. Many long-term hearing aid users will also start to worry…

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All About Ear Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System The auditory system consists of several main parts that help carry sounds/signals to the brain. Although hearing seems like a simple feat, the transduction of a signal through the auditory system up to the brain is quite complex. The Outer Ear Beginning with the outer portion of the…

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The Connection between Hearing and Balance

Why Test My Hearing If I Have Vertigo? As our name suggests, Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute helps patients with hearing and balance/dizziness issues. But how are hearing loss and dizziness related? If you have scheduled an appointment because of your dizziness, why would you need to have your hearing evaluated? The answer to the…

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Do I Really Need Two Hearing Aids?

The Benefits of Binaural Listening The question regarding whether to purchase one or two hearing aids is an important topic to address with your audiologist during a hearing aid consultation. Hearing aids are an investment in your hearing health that can contribute to improved communication with family and friends and lead to better quality of…

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