Hearing aid styles

Hearing aids can vary a great deal in size and the way they’re placed in your ear. The following are common hearing aid styles, beginning with the smallest and least visible in the ear. Completely in the Canal (CIC) A completely-in-the-canal, or CIC, hearing aid is custom molded to fit inside the patient’s ear canal.…

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Bone-Anchored Hearing Devices (BAHD)

What are Bone-Anchored Hearing Devices (BAHD)? While hearing aids and cochlear implants are better known options for assisting those with hearing impairments, there is another device that may be more appropriate for your hearing loss. A BAHD, also known as a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), is made up of a surgically implanted portion and a…

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The Value of an Audiologist

What is an Audiologist? When a hearing loss or balance disorder is suspected a decision must be made regarding where to seek help. An audiologist is a health care professional who provides patient centered care in order to identify, diagnose and treat hearing loss and balance disorders using evidence based practice. An audiologist aims to provide…

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Hearing loss: Listening to the signs

Ever wonder when you should go get your hearing tested? Or what that testing will encompass? A very informative article has been circulating throughout the internet as well as multiple newspapers. The article can help you understand the signs to recognize that your hearing needs to be tested along with the process of testing.

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What do I do if my hearing aid stops working?

Hearing aid repair options offered by The Hearing Center In a previous blog (, we explored different ways a hearing aid user could try to troubleshoot their devices at home. Many times, users are able to solve the problems on their own by cleaning or changing the battery. If at home service of your devices…

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Basic Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide Are you having issues with your hearing aids? Here are some common hearing aid issues, solutions, and troubleshooting steps you can take at home. ISSUE POSSIBLE CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION HEARING AID IS DEAD OR NOT WORKING Dead, run down, or wrong type of battery. Replace battery. Eartip plugged with wax. Change wax guard…

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