August 26, 2022

Cochlear Implants at Disney Parks

Audiology sneaks its way into Disney news this month! In collaboration with a non-profit foundation, Disney has released the first adjustable children’s Mickey ear headband, “allowing children of all abilities to wear their ears with comfort and joy.” Disney showcases these inclusive Mickey ears on Luke, a young boy who wears bilateral cochlear implants. Cochlear implants and hearing aids can make wearing any sort of head gear difficult as headbands and hats often interfere with placement of these devices. Furthermore, completely covering these devices results in distortion of sound, feedback, and reduced speech understanding. By using an adjustable headband, the Mickey ears can be worn comfortably alongside hearing aids and cochlear implants. We hope to see more inclusive Mickey ears in the coming months!

Read more about Luke’s story in this link to the full article:


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