June 7, 2024

Water Resistance and Hearing Aids

Summer in Florida is now upon us, and many patients have questions related to their hearing aids and enjoying outdoor activities. The biggest danger to your hearing aids in the summer is water. Most modern hearing aids are water-resistant but not waterproof, as most hearing aid models have some protection against accidental immersion and splashing. This means they can survive the odd splash or two and likely wouldn’t need repair if you drop them in a puddle of water. With that being said, you should avoid getting your hearing aids wet as a general rule. If the devices do get submerged in water, take the batteries out (if applicable) and leave them in a warm / dry place for an hour or so. Don’t leave them in the sun or directly on a radiator.

With the ever-changing landscape of hearing aids, a few manufacturers have recently launched waterproof models onto the market! These devices are rechargeable and can be submerged in up to 50 cm (or 1.64 feet) of fresh water, salt water, or pool water. According to the manufacturers, these waterproof hearing aids allow users to get “crisp, natural sound” while still enjoying their favorite summer activities in the pool or on the beach. Contact the Hearing Center at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance at 904-399-035 today if you would like to discuss these waterproof devices with one of our audiologists!


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