March 3, 2017

World Hearing Day

Happy World Hearing Day!

Every March 3rd for the past ten years, we have celebrated World Hearing Day as it is recognized by the World Health Organization. World Hearing Day is designed to promote hearing healthcare and hearing loss advocacy for those who need it most. Consider this: In the U.S., 7 out of 10 individuals who say they have trouble hearing don’t use hearing aids, according to a Better Hearing Institute (BHI) survey. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few negative stereotypes surrounding hearing aids that are likely the reason that adoption is so low for these devices. Many people have the idea that amplification continues to be bulky, poor quality, out-of-date with technology and prone to feedback, but this is no longer the case! Today’s hearing aids are smaller and smarter than ever, incorporating automatic programming, noise adaptation, Bluetooth technology and wireless programming. In fact, another BHI study recently showed that over 90% of individuals who have purchased hearing aids are happy they did.

So today, March 3rd, is all about getting the word out. As hearing healthcare providers, we at JHBI want you to know that there are options to treat your hearing loss. Come in for a consult and we can talk about not only what is available, but also about what your fears and concerns are with trying hearing aids. If you currently use amplification, today is also a great day to start a conversation with family and friends about it, too.  If you are a happy hearing aid user, encourage a loved one that seems to be struggling to get his or her hearing checked by sharing your success story. So often, potential hearing aid users only hear negative reviews that scare them away from even trying to improve their hearing. On the other hand, if you aren’t happy with your amplification- don’t give up! Today is a great day to get back in the game and see an audiologist about reprogramming and refitting your current devices to make you more satisfied with them.

For more information from BHI on today’s hearing aid technologies, check out this link:


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