June 20, 2024

Summer Fun with Your Cochlear Implant!

Summer is officially here and if you have a cochlear implant there is no need to miss out on the joys of enjoying time with friends or family in the pool or at the beach. Each cochlear implant company offers a solution to enjoy conversation around water. These waterproof solutions allow you to swim and wear your processor without fear of damaging your equipment.

Cochlear Americas:

o For their on-the-ear style processors (N8 or N7) Cochlear offers the Aqua Kit which includes a waterproof case and cable/coil. A clip is also available to attach the waterproof case to a ponytail, bathing suit or T-shirt for worry-free swimming.

o The off-the-ear style offers the Kanso 2 Activity Kit which includes a waterproof case that can be held in place with a sweat band or with goggles.

Advanced Bionics:

o The Naida M90 processor offers a waterproof case that also functions as a battery and waterproof cable/headpiece that can be clipped to a bathing suit, T-shirt, armband or even your swim trunks thanks to a range of cable lengths.

Med El:

o The on-the ear Sonnet 2 processor kit includes a waterproof sleeve and adhesive system to allow the processor to become fully waterproof.

o The Rondo 3 is an off-the-ear processor that is also available with a sleeve that can be held in place with a clip for added safety.

When using a waterproof solution be sure to use a rechargeable or alkaline battery rather than the 675 Zinc Air cochlear implant battery. It I also recommended that after you remove your processor from the waterproof case or sleeve to place the equipment in the dry-kit. Waterproof devices can be included in your initial cochlear implant kit or are available for purchase out of pocket.

If you would like more information regarding whether a cochlear implant is an appropriate treatment option for your hearing loss contact Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute at 904-399-0350 to discuss your options.


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