October 14, 2016

Rechargeable hearing aids

Phonak Audeo BR

In September 2016, Phonak, one of the major global manufacturers of hearing aids, released its next generation of hearing aid technology. The new product line features the Audeo BR, the first hearing aid to house a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Currently, the rechargeable option is only available in RIC (receiver in the canal) technology. To learn more about styles of hearing aids, see our previous blog post on the topic  https://www.betterhearingjax.com/hearing-technology/our-hearing-aids/hearing-aid-types-styles/.

The Phonak Audeo BR boasts 24 hours of hearing with a full charge, and the ability to reach a full charge within three hours. In addition, the 20 minute fast-charging option is able to provide up to 6 hours of immediate use. With a rechargeable hearing aid comes freedom from changing disposable batteries every 4-10 days, making hearing aids significantly more accessible to patients with dexterity issues or arthritis. The new technology is also environmentally friendly and significantly reduces the number of disposable batteries that are thrown away each year. The Audeo BR offers several charging options, from full size to mini, including the portable charger case which is able to provide power for seven full charges of two hearing aids when no power source is available.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in a rechargeable hearing aid option, the audiologists at JHBI would be happy to show you what technology is available right now. Please visit our websites, betterhearingjax.com or jhbi.org, for more information on the practice or to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment by phone, please call 904-399-0350.




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