February 4, 2022

Hearing Help for Africa

Hearing Help for Africa is nonprofit organization founded in part by Dr. Green in 2010. Hearing Help for Africa aims to treat ear related conditions and provide training and support for physicians and clinical staff in Jos, Nigeria. Through annual mission trips and remote assistance Dr. Green and his staff has been able to perform surgeries, leads educational seminars and provide remote programming to improve access to care for those with hearing loss in Jos.

One individual, Ben Babson, is instrumental in providing everyday support and care for the patients in Jos. He has a passion for Audiology and is currently enrolled in a Master’s program through the University Isabel I de Castilla, based in Spain. As part of his education, he is required to obtain further hands-on training in all areas of Audiology with a focus on hearing aids, cochlear implants and diagnostic testing. Ben has recently arrived in the United States where he will complete rotations at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance, ENT Specialists of North Florida and Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma.

We are excited for this opportunity for Ben as it will allow him to continue to serve and support his patients and further the mission of Hearing Help for Africa. Welcome Ben!


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