June 23, 2023

Caring for your Hearing Aids in the Summer Months

Your hearing aids are small computers, that like any electronic device, are susceptible to heat and moisture. Below are some tips to help keep your devices in great working condition to help you enjoy your summer.

1. Keep them in a cool dry place when not in use. Do not keep your hearing aids and chargers stored in bathrooms due to the excess humidity. When not wearing the hearing aids for a period of time, do not keep them in your car or any other hot environment. How you choose to keep your cell phone cool is what you should do with your hearing aids.

2. Most hearing aids are water resistant, not water proof. Do not go swimming with the devices or any other water related activities. Be sure to keep the hearing aids in a waterproof container away from the water.

3. Dehumidifiers or “dri-aid” kits are a good place to store the devices to help remove general moisture from the devices.

4. Remove the hearing aids when putting on sunscreen and bug spray, then wash your hands of these materials, as these important summertime essentials can clog the microphones of the hearing aids, leading to no amplification and a seemingly non-functional hearing aid.

5. Do not wear the hearing aids on any amusement park rides that have sudden jolting movements, i.e. thrill rides. This can cause loose-fitting hearing aids to shift their position and fall out.


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