March 25, 2022

Bluetooth Connections and Smartphone Updates

Most current hearing aids have the capability to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth for phone calls, streaming, and adjustments to the hearing aids via an app. The feedback from patients has been very positive about how much they enjoy the ability to stream their cell phone calls to the hearing aids and the ability to make adjustments for more difficult listening environments. However, with any technology, there are some glitches where the Bluetooth connection isn’t working.

Hearing aid manufacturers have discovered that when there is a software update for the cellphone (Apple iPhones in particular), it causes a disruption in the Bluetooth connection, resulting in the lost ability to stream or make adjustments.

The solution to fix this can be done at home, without requiring a trip to the office by following the steps below:

Step 1: In the Bluetooth screen in the phone settings, you will click the “i” next to the hearing aid name and then click “Forget This Device” for all established hearing aid connections.

Step 2: Turn the hearing aids off/on. This can be done manually or by placing the device in/out of the charger (if applicable).

Step 3: When the devices are back on, the Bluetooth from the phone will detect the device. Select the hearing aid name and the pairing should then be complete.

This same process can be repeated for app connections as well. The devices are to be forgotten from the app, turned off/on, then select the devices from the list of detected devices and hit “pair” as prompted.

If you encounter any difficulty with re-establishing Bluetooth connections, call your audiologist for assistance.


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