May 22, 2015

Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

How do I know if I should update my hearing aids?

Hearing aid technology advances every day and as a result, new products and programming options are constantly becoming available. Many hearing aid wearers will wonder how they know if they need a change in programming or an update in technology to a newer product. Let’s take a look at some reasons you might consider making a follow-up appointment with your audiologist.

1. A change in hearing

If you have noticed a change in how you hear without the hearing aids on, it is important to return to your audiologist for follow-up care. It is possible that something as simple as ear wax could be causing you difficulties or you may have had a permanent shift in hearing that would require reprogramming. In severe cases where a significant change in hearing is noted, it is possible that a more powerful hearing aid might be required.  Your audiologist can guide you on options for modifying your current hearing aids or purchasing new ones to meet your needs.

2. Lifestyle changes

You may find that when your lifestyle changes, your communication demands change as well. For example, if you start a new job that requires conference calls or meetings in large rooms, you may need additional programming to your hearing aids to help with multi-talker settings or echo reduction. Most hearing aids are also compatible with wireless devices, which are accessories designed to help in specific difficult listening situations. Your audiologist may recommend using one or more of these accessories to meet your needs.

3. General maintenance

The lifespan of hearing aids can range anywhere from a few years to over ten years, with the average user getting about five years per device. Remember that regular maintenance and cleaning is important to extending the life of your devices, and can help to reduce wear and tear. For that reason alone, it is important to return to your audiologist every six months to a year to have your aids inspected and cleaned. If your hearing aids are more than a few years old and you have found they are becoming unreliable, you might consider discussing new technology or a significant repair.

Regular follow-up with your audiologist is an excellent idea for keeping you and your hearing aids performing as best as possible. If you have noticed that your hearing aids are not performing as well as they once did, or you are struggling more to hear than you have before, make an appointment with your JHBI audiologist today to see what help is available.


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