Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute

Meet the Extern – Seyma

I am Seyma Yalcinkaya, the JHBI Audiology Extern for the 2023-2024 year. After earning an undergraduate degree in Audiology from Istanbul Medipol University in Turkey and pursuing a Doctorate of Audiology at Gallaudet University, I have gained clinical experiences through internships in various clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Growing up in Turkey and immersing myself…

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Better Hearing and Speech Month

May was designated as the Better Hearing and Speech Month by the American Speech-Language-Hearing  Association (ASHA)  in 1927.  The goals of Better Hearing and Speech month is to bring awareness to hearing and speech deficits, educate the population on how these issues effect the community, and empower individuals to take action if they suspect they…

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Tinnitus Seminar

Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Tinnitus Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute will be hosting an informational seminar about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of tinnitus. Dr. J. Douglas Green and Janelle Kelley Au.D., CCC-A will be speaking. You will also get the chance to hear from individuals who live with tinnitus on a daily basis…

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The Connection between Hearing and Balance

Why Test My Hearing If I Have Vertigo? As our name suggests, Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute helps patients with hearing and balance/dizziness issues. But how are hearing loss and dizziness related? If you have scheduled an appointment because of your dizziness, why would you need to have your hearing evaluated? The answer to the…

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