Hearing Aids and Music

Will I Be Able to Listen to Music With My Hearing Aids? A common concern among many hearing aid users is how amplification will affect their ability to appreciate or create music. Whether you are a professional musician, an avid concert attendee or you simply enjoy the occasional tune on the radio, you may notice…

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Hyperacusis: Sensitivity to Sound

Hyperacusis: What is it? Hyperacusis is defined as an unusual intolerance to ordinary environmental sounds. Individuals with hyperacusis usually have inappropriate responses to sounds that are not bothersome to a typical person.  This differs from loudness recruitment, in which a person with hearing loss cannot tolerate moderate to loud sounds. With loudness recruitment, loud sounds…

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Hearing Aid Batteries

Types of Batteries One of the most common questions new hearing aid users have about their devices is in regards to the power source: batteries. While there are a few products on the market which use rechargeable batteries, most hearing aids will be powered by disposable zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air batteries, as the name implies, are…

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Walk-In Repair Clinic

Walk-In Repair ClinicIf you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid Walk-In clinic is available on Tue from 10am -11:30am and Thurs from 1pm – 2:30pm. No appointment necessary. To make an appointment call the Hearing Center at (904) 399-0350

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